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Reach millions of users
on work messaging and productivity apps

Jotbot is your content distribution channel to millions of daily active users on Slack and other platforms

With Jotbot:

Embed your news & press releases into your readers’ workflows

As a native Slack app, Jotbot distributes your news and press releases on one of the largest work messaging apps.

Jotbot allows you to generate extra exposure to attract new readers as well as to offer a more dynamic experience to existing subscribers.

Ensure efficient discovery

JotBot finds and delivers your news and press releases that match precisely what Slack users look for. They don’t waste time trawling the internet to find your content that is relevant to them.

We help your high-quality news and press releases break through the noise & clutter of irrelevant content.

Boost engagement

Jotbot maintains high engagement by personalising your news and press releases with our unique AI-enabled Relevance Engine.

This creates a personalised news experience for each Slack user.

Monetise with little friction

By connecting users with premium news summaries, Jotbot can act as a funnel to your own platform by directing users to the location of the news item full text.

Our PAYR (Pay As You Read) system alternatively provides a highly configurable frictionless in-app content purchase option. PAYR gives users the ability to purchase content access on a per-item or the traditional subscription basis, right from their familiar work environment, with only a few clicks.

We do content distribution the right way:

Our content comes only from trusted sources.

Our content is always licensed. We respect ownership rights.

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